Sälenfjällen - 365 days a year

Sälenfjällen is the world’s fourth largest winter destination and offers skiing and experiences in a fantastic mountain environment. We are at our biggest in the winter, but nowadays it’s also full speed ahead all year round. We are constantly evolving and creating new jobs and in that way we contribute to a vibrant, vibrant and sustainable countryside.

Quick facts about the Sälen mountains

Sälen ski resorts

Learn more about Sälenfjällen’s ski resorts. Largest in winter but now also full speed during summer and autumn.

Discover our member companies

Destination Sälenfjällen consists of more than 150 member companies. Everything from the large facilities to the smaller activity companies, shops and restaurants.

Sälenfjällen summer and autumn

Many people associate the Sälen mountains with winter and skiing. More and more people are investing large resources in the summer season and keeping it open well into the autumn. Destination Sälenfjällen has compiled what is open and when on its own campaign page.