Food & entertainment

Food & entertainment

Tantalise your taste buds in a waffle hut or White Guide restaurant and listen to live music from Sweden’s best entertainers.


Grilling sausages over an open fire or eating sushi at one of Sweden’s best sushi restaurants? The choice is yours – and, in-between, everything from classic waffle huts to locally-produced meats and Italian delicacies can be found in Sälenfjällen.

We dare say that no one will be disappointed by the food in Sälenfjällen. If you are unsure of your culinary skills at home in the cabin, you can have a food box with top quality ingredients and recipes delivered to your door. Bon appétit!


Sälenfjällen has a wide range of restaurants, many of which use local ingredients and have traditional Swedish cuisine as their basis, while others focus on other culinary cultures. We also have nine of the best restaurants in the Swedish mountains, according to the White Guide.

The best restaurants in the mountains can now compete with those in the big cities. Over the year, quality has really moved upward. The most successful restaurants are thinking more about the guests’ experience, with better service and memorable moments. Increasing numbers are working more with local suppliers and regional produce, which is great to see. Another clear trend is that more restaurants are investing in staying open during other seasons,” says Mikael Mölstad, one of the founders of the White Guide.

The nine White Guide restaurants in Sälenfjällen:
Appetito Ristorante Italiano, Fjällis Mat & Vin, Fågelboet, Gammelgården, Gustav Grill & Bar, Lammet & Grisen, Olarsgården, Onkel Jean and SeaFoodBar.

Eating and drinking in Sälenfjällen is an experience in itself, and is so much more than just discovering new flavours. Locally-produced beer is supplied by our own brewery, Sälens Fjällbryggeri.

Take a snowcat up the hill to a cabin on the summit, and savour the views and the food. Visit one of our classic waffle huts that use their own traditional recipes and continue to serve waffles up on the mountainside. And a take-out pizza tastes even more delicious in the warmth of your cabin. Most restaurants have children’s buffets and it’s even possible to have food delivered to your doorstep, by ordering food boxes with ready-composed dinners.


During peak season, DJs, cover bands and top entertainers can all be seen on the stages of Sälenfjällen.
Whether you want to experience a Wallmans show or this year’s big thing in Swedish music, you’ll find them here.


Veronica Maggio, Tomas Ledin, Mustasch, John de Sohn, Wallmans

Many performers visit Sälenfjällen every year. Over the season you can watch and be entertained by a large number of Sweden’s top entertainers, as well as guests from further afield.

Just now, we know that Veronica Maggio, Mustasch and John de Sohn are ready to give their all in Sälenfjällen this winter, and that the Wallmans troupe will be entertaining us several days a week.

Après ski

After long day on the slopes, there are few things that beat good food and drink. Whether you choose to visit an après ski with loud music and swaying crowds, or enjoy a relaxing hour beside the fire at a piano bar, après ski is practically compulsory after a day on the slopes. The kids have their own après ski with the popular characters of Valle, Vargy and Trolle and Trolla.