Getting here

Getting here

It is easy to travel to Sälenfjällen by car, coach or train. From December 2019, you’ll even be able to fly here.

Travel how you want

Car, coach or train, you choose what’s best for your journey to Sälenfjällen. From 2019, you’ll also be able to take a quick and easy flight.


Sälenfjällen is 410 km from Stockholm and 460 km from Gothenburg. A car is the easy way of getting from your home to Sälenfjällen. Drive carefully and take your time – remember that the journey is part of the whole experience, and we are happy to wait a few extra minutes!


There are many different coach services from around Sweden that take you straight to Sälenfjällen.


The website has all the timetables for the quickest and easiest train and coach connections to Sälenfjällen. Book your trip now and guarantee your seat!


Take the plane in 2019.
From 2019 you will be able to fly nationally and internationally, both scheduled and charter, to the Scandinavian mountains: Sälen, Trysil, and Engerdal. The expansion of the current airfield at Mobergskölen, close to Rörbäcksnäs, 9 km from Hundfjället in Dalarna, close to the Norwegian border, will create a new and rapid means of getting to Sälenfjällen all year round. A new airport, shopping and experiences will provide accessibility and new opportunities in the “heart” of the Scandinavian mountains, which is made up of Sweden’s and Norway’s biggest alpine destinations, Sälenfjällen and Trysil, along with Engerdal.