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Major events and meetings have an air of mystery, an aura of expectation. They often start in the early morning, with many officials and volunteers that are the life and soul of the event, helping it feel as welcoming as possible. Major events and meetings are part of normal life in Sälenfjällen. Reflections on performance and winning are combined with the joy of participating and being part of something bigger than yourself. Elite athletes and enthusiasts, each with their own ambitions.

Meetings & conferences

Sälenfjällen offers a motivating environment for meetings and conferences, helping employee enthusiasm. There is a wide range of options, with conference facilities for everything from small strategy meetings to large groups. We’ll help you find a way to combine business and pleasure that makes the best use of the time available.

Large conference groups can rent a mountain hotel, with all its facilities and activities. And, for a newly formed working group, team building in the mountains with a night in bivvy bags or tents is the ultimate challenge.


The village of Berga in Sälenfjällen is the starting point for the world’s oldest, longest and biggest ski marathon, Vasaloppet – 90 km on cross-country skis between Sälen and Mora. But Vasaloppet is now so much more than a ski race. Throughout the year you can bike, run and cross-country ski the route between Sälen and Mora. If that feels too far, you can always try parts of the course as a relay or by doing half the distance (Stafettvasan or Halvvasan). Or why not take a short walk just to experience the feeling of walking on historic ground? More than 3,000 officials and volunteers, many from Sälen’s local sports club, make the Vasaloppet races possible. And 80,000 people participate in Vasaloppet every year.

In 1994, the 90 km long and ten-metre wide Vasa trail was made into a nature reserve. This is a truly unique nature reserve that is well worth a visit, both summer and winter.


Competitions of every size and type are held all year round in Sälenfjällen. Summer and winter, elites and enthusiasts do battle. Our aim is to always deliver excitement, good courses, and happy and helpful officials, so that participants get the best out of each competition. Of course, it is equally important that companions and supporters also enjoy the atmosphere, so we put a little extra effort into creating side events and experiences, for both young and old. We have many different partners for the competitions that are held in Sälenfjällen.


Fjällkalaset and Sälendagen (Sälen Day) are just two of the numerous events in Sälenfjällen in which you can participate during the year – and we also want to take the chance to mention Midsummer and Ski&Rock. We truly believe that we have an event for everyone!

The tourist office in Sälenfjällen is a source of information about many of the events that happen here, all year round. But don’t be surprised if you discover there are even more things happening once you’re here, as finding out about everything that’s happening in the area is an almost impossible task. So – the easiest thing to do is to visit us and let yourself be surprised.