Enjoy the scenery in Sälenfjällen all year round: on a bike, skis or a snowmobile, in a canoe or wearing your hiking boots.

Snow, summer,

We’re ready to head out for the premiere ski run of the season as soon as the snow falls. The feeling of taking those turns is just as wonderful as the year’s first swim in beautiful Västerdalsälven on a warm summer evening. A walk on a crisp autumn day can take anyone’s breath away, with the mountains displaying their entire palette of colours.

Regardless of when you visit us, the focus is on the outdoor experience. It is hard to convey in words and pictures how the whole of Sälenfjällen is a giant adventure park. The best sense of this is gained from coming here and experiencing it for yourself. The mountains await you, whatever the season. Welcome!


A snowmobile is one of the most conventient forms of mountain transport. Driving a snowmobile through the mountains on a cold and sunny winter day is an experience for young and old alike.

We have more than 400 km of snowmobile trails to choose from when you want to go for a ride. Buy a one-day trail permit – or why not for the entire season – and then all you have to do is pick and choose among the mountains, deep ravines and marshes.

There are also large areas for games and fun where off-trail driving is permitted. And, of course, children can have a go at driving themselves around a mini-snowmobile course.

If you want to experience the mountains from a snowmobile in a more organised manner, perhaps a guided tour with a lunch cooked outdoors appeals to you.

Trail running

Lace up your running shoes, fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and enjoy the scenery at your own pace. The uneven terrain in the mountains, or along one of our many snowmobile, cross-country skiing, biking or hiking trails, is excellent for running – not just training your fitness, but also your balance and coordination.

Trail running is a pleasant form of training for everyone from families to elite athletes. We have everything from half-hour outings to several days of running in tough terrain, where sleeping outdoors and packing right and packing light are all part of the challenge. The steep paths, fantastic mountainsides and soft trails along Västerdalsälven mean that Sälenfjällen is perfect for running.

So put on your running shoes and let your adventure begin.


No holiday is complete without a walk in the mountains under blue summer skies, or when the autumn has coloured the landscape in reds and yellows. If you want a real challenge you can follow the 90 km walking trail along the route of the Vasaloppet ski race.

An easy and convenient way to start your walk in the mountains is to take the chair lift up to the top, and then choose where to go from there. All out trails are well signed, with red crosses, so it’s easy to find your way.

If you have a pram with you, try taking an invigorating walk on our two-kilometre-long asphalt path along the beautiful Södra Kungsleden.


Cross-country. Downhill. Bike park. Road. Increasing numbers of people are discovering the joys of rolling along on two wheels. Sälenfjälen offers many opportunities for trying out cycling for the first time, enjoying your passion or testing new cycle sports. We have 300 km of cross-country trails and Sälenfjällen is part of Biking Dalarna, a cooperation between a number of cycle destinations. Our common aim is to provide you with the very best biking experiences.

We have mountains, bike parks and extensive forest roads that offer you mile after mile of varied cycling. In Sälen Bike Park you can take your bike up on the lift at Gustavsbacken, and there are numerous trails to choose to get you back down again. If you want to try gentle obstacles and jumps, and a downhill course with gently cambered turns, then stay in the kids’ area for a while.

The famous “King of the Hill” trail starts in the village of Sälen and has 500 vertical metres. It just goes up and up and up… If you are more of a cross-country cyclist and prefer longer trips at a slower pace you should definitely visit Rörbäcknäs, which is one of Sweden’s fastest growing cross-country areas.

Our courses and trails are built for experts and for beginners, downhill and on the flat, for big and small. All the signs and colour coding follow the same principle as the ski slopes, where green is easiest and black most difficult. It is simple to find your way and to bike at the right level for you.

If you need equipment you can rent, repair or buy your protective gear, spare parts, accessories or bikes with us. We have bikes for downhill, cross-country, road, cyclo-cross, kids and juniors, as well as electric bikes.


Traveling by dogsled across snowy mountains is an incredible experience, providing lasting memories. There are all sorts of dogsled trips – short, long, or a multi-day trip where you travel for long distances, spending the night in a kåta with a wood burning stove as the only source of heat.

Naturally, there’s a child-friendly version where they travel in a sledge behind real sled dogs. The dogs are kept on a lead and move forward at a safe pace.

In the summer, the sled dogs have time off, while longing for another winter season in the harness. This is when you can rent your favourite dogs and take them for a walk in the mountains.

Other activities

Sälenfjällen offers a multitude of activities, all year round. Everything from tobogganing evenings, mountain weddings, hiking with a dog and guide, go-karting on ice and much, much more.

Our 18-hole golf course is at an elevation of 530 metres. It is a forested course in mountain scenery, providing an enjoyable challenge for all types of players.

Go on a great experience beyond the ski slopes, as with a kite and the wind as your motor you can move through a pristine landscape, travelling however and wherever you want in the mountains. Take a voyage of discovery outside the lift system, investigating ravines and areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Sälenfjällen has many fine fishing waters, small rivers and lakes. We offer put and take in our fishing lake, which is easily accessible so the whole family can come along. There are a number of shelters around the lake, in which you can enjoy the peace and quiet and your packed lunch. There are shops that sell fishing equipment and fishing permits, as well as providing information about fishing around Sälen. Or your can rent a raft and gently glide downstream, fishing, bathing, chatting and barbecuing in the tranquil surroundings of Västerdalälven.

For children

There is so much to do, whatever time of year you come to visit.

Sälfjällstorget has an ice rink with barbecues and benches surrounding it; we loan out equipment, everything from skates and helmets to clubs. Or why not pack a picnic basket and take a daytrip to Trollskogen, the magic forest? The troll plays music, sings and tells stories every day – a perfect excursion for the entire family, winter or summer! Trollskogen is great for skiing in the winter and walking in the summer, when it’s also easy to take prams along too.

Lindvallen shieling is an authentic summer pasture with shieling buildings from the end of the 19th century, and is a place that the whole family can have fun and enjoy themselves. There are horses, pigs, rabbits and, not least, some very inquisitive goats. The animals roam more or less freely and you can get really close to them, but keep an eye on your ice cream! The activities are suitable for the entire family and there is a small, cosy café in quiet surroundings. The shieling is in the middle of Lindvallen, so visit us and enjoy an authentic and historic shieling that dates back to the end of the 19th century, enjoying the chance to eat a waffle with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Sälenfjällen has a number of skateparks with ramps and other obstacles. The Pink Park Skate Area in Lindvallen is open both summer and winter. This outdoor park is unstaffed, free to use and open every day.

The aerial rope course at Svansjön is a thrilling combination of climbing, sports, games and adventure high above the ground. This activity is suitable for anyone who wants an adrenaline rush, as well as for the family that want to do something different together.
Taking a dip in Västerdalsälven, in the middle of the village of Sälen, is an amazing experience on a warm and light summer’s night. Discovering the natural world and the fiery colours of autumn, partnered with the opportunity to fill your larder with berries and mushrooms, is a wonderful way to spend your time.