Welcome to our fantastic mountain world - all year round.

Many people associate Sälen with winter and skiing. But more and more operators are also investing heavily in the summer season. Summer and fall in Sälenfjällen offer a variety of experiences and adventures for both young and old. Magnificent mountain ranges, fresh mountain air, cycling, hiking, adventure, canoeing, events, swimming, fishing or just peace and quiet. Several restaurants and shops are also open for the summer.


Digital guide of Sälenfjällen's trails, attractions, restaurants, activities, shops, etc.

To make it easy for you as a visitor, Sälenfjällen is now available on the Nature Map platform via the web and in the app. Here you’ll find trails for hiking, cycling, running, canoeing and more. But also summer accommodation, shops, restaurants, beaches, attractions and much more.

Available both on the web and in the app

Explore Sälenfjällen online or download the app to your phone. The app has both a GPS function and offline maps, so you can always see your own position on the map, which can feel safe and secure.

Explore the guide below - here's how it works

  • Choose what you want to do via the shortcut buttons or directly in the search bar such as hiking, mountain biking, beaches, accommodation or café/restaurant.
  • Click on the desired item to open a window with more information.