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Tjejmilen donates 20 000 to mountain trails


Fredrik Rydén SkiStar, Lotta Linblom Marathongruppen and Anders Bjernulf Destination Sälenfjällen.

As part of creating sustainable events in the mountains, Tjejmilen Sälen has donated SEK 20,000 to Destination Sälenfjällen. The money will be used in full to renovate and develop mountain trails, which will both protect and make the mountain environment accessible.

– It is important that we are jointly responsible for making as small a footprint as possible in the mountain environment where Tjejmilen is organized, with the lead grant, destination Sälenfjällen can continue the work with poles on the mountain that reduce the wear and tear on nature. In addition to the contribution, we work actively to minimize the wear on the mountain by, for example, encouraging all participants to carry their own liquid during the competition so we can minimize the number of liquid stations. We also transport all the materials required along the course on foot or by electric bike, says Lotta Lindblom, Event Manager at Marathongruppen.

– For several years we have worked with the local industry to make mountain nature more accessible by building footbridges on popular trails. We see very positive effects on the trails where we have supplemented with footbridges in the form of increased use and less wear and tear on the ground. It is gratifying that events such as Tjejmilen Sälen contribute to both protecting and making mountain nature in Sälenfjällen accessible, says Anders Bjernulf, CEO of Destination Sälenfjällen.

– For us, local anchoring is important, we have a continuous dialog with the landowner association in Sälen linked to events to work both long-term and sustainable. We also aim to work with local associations at events that can volunteer as officials and where the compensation goes back to the association’s children and youth activities,” says Fredrik Rydén, Concept and Event Manager at SkiStar.

Tjejmilen Sälen is organized by Marathongruppen and SkiStar. The goal of Tjejmilen Sälen is to inspire the joy of movement by offering a challenge in a magnificent and inspiring mountain environment. Tjejmilen Sälen is an enjoyable weekend with the joy of movement, relaxation and community in focus, an outdoor experience to remember!

Summer flight to Sälen


The airline BRA launches summer route to Sälen from Ängelholm / Helsingborg. The route flies on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the period 6 July to 26 July.

– We see a great demand for holiday opportunities in Sweden and the large summer investment that the tourism industry makes in Sälen feels spotless and fun to be involved and support. We have had a record-breaking winter with four direct routes to the new fine airport in Sälen, so it feels extra fun that we can get started again already this summer with this route, says Martin Erkenborn, commercial manager at BRA.

The green road to Sälenfjällen


Are you driving an electric car and planning a trip to Sälen? Take help from our map of the green road with charging infrastructure from Västerås and further up through Västerdalarna. Here you will find addresses for electric car charging with proximity to toilets and the opportunity for coffee or something to eat on the way to or from Sälenfjällen.

Alternative route choices to and from Sälenfjällen


Tips for those who are on their way to Stöten, Hundfjället and Tandådalen. Take road 1047 in Torgås and drive via Rörbäcksnäs and we will help reduce the traffic jams. Click on the image or link for larger image.

Campaign page summer & autumn


More and more players are open during the green part of the year in Sälenfjällen. Together we offer a complete and impressive range of activities, shopping, restaurants and experiences. The Sälen mountains are largest in winter but grow steadily during the bare ground period.