About Destination Sälenfjällen

Destination Sälenfjällen is the joint company for the development of the hospitality industry in Sälenfjällen. The company works strategically with overall issues to create good conditions for the hospitality industry and thereby contribute to an increased number of visitors all year round in Sälenfjällen. Destination Sälenfjällen represents about 150 member companies.

Infrastructure and accessibility

  • The company’s most important role, which includes general infrastructure to and from Sälen as well as the infrastructure within the entire area.
  • Lobbying work with authorities and politicians with the goal of prioritizing and developing and improving the infrastructure to / from Sälen and within the Sälen mountains. The work is conducted in dialogue with Malung-Sälen municipality and its companies, the Swedish Transport Administration, Dalatrafik, “blue light”, the new Region Dalarna, Visit Dalarna and others.
  • Collaboration with Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


  • Ongoing dialogue with the media and decision-makers about their knowledge and view of Sälenfjällen’s greatness and growth opportunities.
  • Compile and present annual and relevant statistics for the whole of Sälenfjällen (SITE3 *).
  • Compile and continuously communicate the entire area’s investment plans, employment, etc.

Green season development

  • Vision work
  • Planning and strategy
  • Coordination
  • Offers and activities
  • Actors


  • Inventory, measurement, follow-up (SITE3 *)
  • Project “Mountain sorting” (SITE3 *)
  • Project “Keep the mountain clean” (SITE3 *)
  • Compile and communicate the entire Sälen sustainability work